Our Ethos

Established by Tony Breslin, formerly Chief Executive at the leading independent education and participation charity the Citizenship Foundation, in September 2010, Breslin Public Policy Limited is a socially responsible for-profit business working with individuals and organisations – and specifically with policy-influencers, policymakers and practitioners – to deliver social impact. We are defined by an approach and expertise that seeks always to be:

Active across and knowledgeable in the fields of education and learning, political engagement and corporate and community engagement, we are committed to adding value – whether this is delivered through bringing new policy ideas to realisation, sharpening policy in its development, enhancing practice at the point of implementation or building the knowledge and skills base of stakeholders at each stage in the process.

We work with – and draw expertise from – the public, private and voluntary sectors, typically working at the interfaces between these sectors. We are committed to delivering on time, to specification and within budget.

Lessons From Lockdown
For too long, changes to the education system have been driven by political considerations, short -term difficulties and even, at times, nostalgia. Lessons From Lockdown sets out why this piecemeal approach to reform needs stop and provides an invaluable contribution to the debate that now must take place.
Rosemary Bennet
Former Education Editor, The Times