Our Clients

During our first five years in business, we have worked with a range of blue-chip clients from the public, private and voluntary sectors. These clients have included local authorities, educational start-ups, national charities, membership associations and major corporates.

During 2012 Breslin worked with a range of partners involved in the delivery of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, in particular focusing on the issue of the Games’ educational legacy, and the transfer of its education programme Get Set from London 2012 organisers LOCOG to a partnership of the British Olympic and Paralympic Associations.

In 2013 we worked extensively in the educational field with both policy influencers and practitioners, on a major project for the Office of the Children’s Commissioner focused on child poverty (which produced our widely cited paper A Series of Doors), on a report into members’ perceptions for Adoption UK, and on UK corporate responsibility strategy for a leading global brand, the Ford Motor Company, commissioned through the Beyond Philanthropy.

During 2014 we worked with the British Educational Research Association (BERA) on a publication to mark their 40th anniversary, 40@40: a portrait of 40 years of educational research through 40 studies, and on a major inquiry into teacher education carried out jointly by BERA and the RSA, work that included drafting the Inquiry’s final report, Research and the Teaching Profession. We also worked with the RSA on their keynote reportĀ Schools with Soul, a report into the place of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education in schools. Finally, during 2014, we were appointed to lead the initial development and piloting of the new Orwell Youth Prize. The prize, inspired by the longstanding Orwell Prize, launched in Autumn 2014 and seeks to engage young people in political writing.

In 2015, Tony Breslin took a sabbatical from the business to stand as the Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate in Hemel Hempstead, but Breslin still managed to deliver four major projects: (1) to publish a series of three Cambridge University Press guides concerned with the new curriculum and qualifications landscape, two for parents and students – Success at A level: your guide to exam success and Success at GCSE: your guide to exam success – and one for teachers, curriculum managers and school and college leaders – Curriculum 2015: your guide to the new curriculum landscape – all written by Tony Breslin and Mike Moores; (2) to begin a major consultancy with the Royal Society for the Arts that involves major explorations in two areas, school governance and lifelong learning; (3) to see the pilot of the Orwell Youth Prize through to its conclusion; and (4) to agree its first project with the UCL Institute of Education Centre for Leadership in Education, which we will report on the outcomes of during 2016.

To date, we have undertaken, or are currently undertaking, projects, programmes and assignments with:

Our work has included producing reports focused on key policy themes or the assessment of strategic opportunities for organisations, writing curriculum guidance materials for students, parents and teachers, advising on organisational and public policy strategy, conceptualising and organising stakeholder conferences, setting up and running focus groups, establishing new inter-organisational networks, leadership team development, market analysis and research, and contributing to, or assisting in the organisation of, training days and seminars.

Our work with policy influencers is continually informed by our partnerships with schools, charities and businesses ‘on the ground’. We believe that, too often, the worlds of policy and practice are separate domains. It is a part of our mission to bring these domains together, supporting the creation of practice-informed policymaking and increasing policy literacy amongst practitioners.

Lessons From Lockdown
This book will help us to achieve the educational outcomes that we all hope for - if acted on, its recommendations have the power to create a new culture of schooling
Ross Dean
Victorian Educational Leadership Consortium, Australian Education Union