Sober for October

Monday 1st October 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again, and I’m Going Sober for October for Macmillan Cancer Support for the fifth successive year. Inspired by friends and relatives, and in the knowledge that no family in the country escapes a battle with cancer, whatever the outcome two days to, it’s kind of become part of what I do!

And I’m not alone: at the time of drafting this towards the close of September, over 50,000 had already signed up to Go Sober, and they’d raised c.£750,000! So far, across the last four Octobers, friends have helped me to raise £6,289.06 for Macmillan which is worth £7,861.25 when Gift Aid is counted in, so if we can raise £1,500-£2,000 again, that will mean that Macmillan have gained c.£10,000 through my sobriety and your generosity.

Come on, let’s do it! Giving is easy, – as easy as any online purchase – and the cash goes straight through to Macmillan; we’ve already raised enough to provide a family with a Macmillan nurse for a month (and that’s without the Gift Aid)! Thanks for your support, and if you or your family have battled cancer – or are battling cancer – thanks for the inspiration! You can support my efforts to raise funds for Macmillan by clicking on this Go Sober link.

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