Breslin to headline ICSA Academies Conference

Thursday 20th September 2018

Dr. Tony Breslin has been announced as a keynote speaker at the annual ICSA Academy Governance Conference on Friday October 5th in London, which this year takes as its theme, Delivering excellence in an age of accountability.

In his address he will reflect on the emergent realities of multi-school leadership and multi-school governance ‘on the ground’. He will also explore the challenges and opportunities that appear to be emerging, especially for school-based Heads, Heads of School and school boards, in terms of formal accountability and lines of reporting, and with regards to a plethora of other issues, including community connectedness, local autonomy, and governor engagement and retention.

Breslin Public Policy Limited has secured ten FREE tickets for the event; to secure your free ticket, click on the link and enter the code TONY10 when prompted to do so.

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