Breslin calls for “National Centre for the Study of the Social Curriculum”

Tuesday 11th October 2016

As a former CEO at the Citizenship Foundation and past Chair of the Association for the Teaching of the Social Sciences, Tony Breslin has called for a complete rethink of the wider social curriculum and a restating of its importance as being central to the purpose of a rounded education. 
He argues, in the latest edition of the influential British Educational Research Association (BERA) journal, Research Intelligence, which focuses on the theme “Character, Values and Ethics”, that a new university based National Centre for the Study of the Social Curriculum is vital if we are to achieve this, commenting that:
“A National Centre would grant this vital area of educational endeavour much needed status, and provide an archive, research hub and think tank for each and all of the areas of the social curriculum, focused both on their distinctive qualities and, critically, how and where they fit together in the design of curriculum, qualification and accreditation frameworks, and in the lives and minds of schools, teachers, young people and their families. 

Fighting for space in 20 or so minutes of PSHE time – still the position in far too many schools – will never do. Let’s admit this and start building a fit-for-purpose social and personal development curriculum of which we can all be proud”.

Breslin is currently in initial discussions with a number of influential players in the field who have expressed interest in supporting the initiative.

You can find out more about the British Educational Research Association,  Research Intelligence, and how to access the full journal here.

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