Maximising Social Impact


Impact matters: at Breslin Public Policy and Breslin Social Impact we are committed to working with partners in the private, public and voluntary sectors on assignments, projects and programmes that enable individuals and organisations to maximise their social impact.

We are also developing a range of social impact programmes of our own, such as Give Five and Use Your Vote, and we’re actively seeking investors to work with us on these and other projects. Click on the logos on the right for more information.

Our specialist consultancies such as Transform Education, Transform Politics, Transform Communities and Transform Organisations give an idea of the range of our expertise – we are in the process of developing a dedicated web presence for each and an associated blog.

Our recent work on governance across the sectors showcases this approach. Click on the Transform Governance logo on the left and you’ll be taken through to, where we highlight a body of work that we are developing with a range of partners, a number of whom are showcased just under the logo.

We appreciate your interest, we’d welcome your feedback, and we’d love to work with you.

News and Views


One step forward, two steps back? Why the end of hybrid voting is a loss for Westminster

We're thrilled to publish this Transform Politics launch blog from SNP Member of Parliament Owen Thompson who - in a piece adapted from a column published by Scottish online newspaper Midlothian View - reflects on the UK Parliament's brief and Covid-19 driven adoption of online voting, suggesting its early abandonment may be a retrograde step, as media pictures of members queueing to vote in barely spaced lines would seem to endorse.


Leading like never before: power relationships, post-lockdown

In this Transform Organisations launch blog, management consultant, author and social commentator Nyla Naseer explores the way in which the experience of lockdown is likely to leave an indelible imprint on many of our organisations, especially with regard to the power relations within workplaces; wherever an individual sits on the organisational map, this is likely to mean a re-casting of roles, responsibilities and relationships, a recasting that we would be wise to start preparing for now.


Impetus: the times are a-changing, but will they change us?

In this Transform Communities launch blog, social entrepreneur Michelle Lawrence - founding Director at Link Up UK, and co-founder of the Cohesion and Integration Network, Belong - explores the importance of 'impetus' in creating the conditions in which community divisions can be overcome. Having worked in the field of cohesion for many years, Michelle has witnessed the role that impetus can play in challenging ideas about the 'other' and asks whether the Covid-19 pandemic has provided an impetus around which we can all unite.


Should I stay or should I go?

In this Transform Education launch blog, Tony Breslin explores the vexed question of 're-opening' schools as lockdown is eased, against a backdrop in which "you can't switch on and switch off fear like a tap", be that the fear of parents, pupils or teachers. At the time of posting, policymakers are still seeking a partial opening of schools from June 1st. By the time you read this, the reality may have changed!


Time for educational researchers to take their place in the sun?

In his fourth Caronavirus blog, originally published by the British Educational Research Association, BERA member and independent researcher Tony Breslin argues that we must use educational research to capture and curate the lessons of lockdown, if we are to build the educational system that we will need, post-COVID-19.


Lessons from Lockdown: education beyond Covid-19

In this extended essay, originally commissioned by the RSA and published on Medium, Tony Breslin argues that the system-shock delivered by COVID-19 must be seized as a driver of educational change. The essay forms part of a series of events, long reads and podcasts in the 'Building Bridges to the Future' series. Together, they explore how society’s response to the Covid-19 crisis could prefigure a better world.


Governance during lockdown: can we go governance-light without going governance-free?

In the second of his COVID-19 Blogs, Tony Breslin explores the nature of school governance during the lockdown and poses the question "Can we go Governance-light without going Governance-free?" He also speculates on how governance, and schooling itself, might change as a result of the virus, and calls on governors to play their part in these changes.

Tony Breslin Speaking

COVID-19: Why our schools will never be the same again

In his first blog on the social impact of COVID-19, Tony Breslin argues that the impact on our schools will be long-term and wide-reaching, and that, terrible as the virus is, it might just force us to rethink the way that we 'do' schooling, and the rationale for a range of approaches to education that we have long taken for granted.