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Maximising Social Impact

Impact matters: at Breslin Public Policy we are committed to working with partners in the private, public and voluntary sectors on assignments, projects and programmes that enable individuals and organisations to maximise their social impact.

We are also developing a range of social impact programmes of our own, such as Give Five and Use Your Vote, and we’re actively seeking investors to work with us on these and other projects. Click on the logos on the right for more information.

Finally, our specialist consultancies such as Transform Education, Transform Politics, Transform Communities and Transform Organisations give an idea of the range of our expertise – we are in the process of developing a website for each and an associated blog.

News and Views

Use Your Vote Breslin Public Policy

Use Your Vote: together, we can make apathy history

Tony Breslin explains the background and purpose of

Breslin Public Policy Cambridge Guides

Prepare for success with our new series of secondary transition guides

After BERA success, Breslin and Cambridge University Press combine to produce new guides for students, parents and teachers

Jeremy Corbyn

Why Jeremy Corbyn might be good for politics, whatever the consequences for Labour

In an article, in the New Statesman Tony Breslin discusses the effect Jeremy Corbyn will have on politics.