Innovation and creativity are qualities that we seek to bring to all that we do. We aim to provide a conduit and platform for new ideas – our own, those developed by our clients and partner organisations and through our networks and those that we develop together.

Our major social impact programmes, Transform Education, Give Five, Right to Speak and Use Your Vote, are proposed as policy innovations that bring new thinking to longstanding challenges – whether these relate to the future of learning, volunteering and philanthropy, the development of practical participation skills, or voter engagememt.  We are keen to work with creatively minded investors and partner organisations to test the viability of these initiatives and, where appropriate, to bring them to market.  And, of course, we want to work with others to develop new innovations that address the policy challenges of our times, especially in the educaiton, participation and responsibility spheres.

Lessons From Lockdown
In this incisive and timely piece of research and analysis Tony Breslin makes a powerful case for us to use the experience of crisis to pursue reform
Matthew Taylor
Chief Executive, Royal Society of Arts