Working with Us

At Breslin we work across three themes – education, participation and engagement – and focus on three types of activity: undertaking research and consultancy, usually on a fee earning basis; developing new public policy interventions that enable individuals, organisations and policymakers to maximise their social impact, for which we seek investors and delivery partners; and building partnerships and networks and the mechanisms that support these, usually on a fee earning basis.

Collaboration and partnership is at the heart of all that we do, whether we are working with a new start-up, a charity or social enterprise, a long established national agency or a multi-national corporation. We view every assignment as an opprtunity for shared learning and new relationships, balancing creativity and innovation with the delivery of agreed outputs and outcomes, on time, to specification and within budget.

Against this background, enjoying what we do is important to us – and we want you to enjoy working with us too – but our real satisfaction derives from seeing the social impact of the work that we undertake with our partners – weeks, months and years down the line. Whether our focus is on influencing policy (not through lobbying on behalf of sectional interests but through proposing innovative policy interventions) or on changing practice for the better, further enhancing the effectiveness of the individuals and teams that we work with is the focus of our work, and social impact its purpose.

Lessons From Lockdown
For too long, changes to the education system have been driven by political considerations, short -term difficulties and even, at times, nostalgia. Lessons From Lockdown sets out why this piecemeal approach to reform needs stop and provides an invaluable contribution to the debate that now must take place.
Rosemary Bennet
Former Education Editor, The Times