Breslin announces new plans for Transform Education brands and other ‘Transform’ identities

Breslin’s Transform Education brand was originally launched at a public debate, hosted in partnership with GlobalNet 21, at Portcullis House, Westminster on March 13th, 2012. It is designed to promote and drive forward ‘big picture’ thinking in education policymaking, working with the full range of existing policy-influencers and interest groups, with practitioners, with learners and with a range of other stakeholders – including parents, employers and community organisations. The speakers at the heavily over-subscribed event were Stephen Twigg MP, then Shadow Secretary for Education, Maggie Atkinson, then Children’s Commissioner and Professor Geoff Whitty CBE, formerly Director at the University of London’s Institute of Education.

In part, the Transform Education brand draws its inspiration from James Callaghan’s classic 1976 speech at Ruskin College, Oxford in which the then Prime Minister famously called for a “great debate” about what we require of our education system. It is our contention that this debate has never taken place; we are as unclear today about educational purpose as we were then. Forty years on, we have yet to answer Callaghan’s call and to spark this debate.

In September 2018, in a joint venture with Permuto Consulting, we launched Transform Governance, an online and social media space to encourage discussion about effective governance across the sectors. Amongst other things this is designed to build on the #R29 campaign, arising from Recommendation 29 of my 2017 RSA Report, Who Governs Our Schools?’ that we launched earlier this year with Frontline Consulting and Shaping Governance; we also see Transform Governance as being instrumental in laying the foundations for the all-sector Better Governance Commission that we will launch in partnership with Permuto Consulting during the first half of 2019.

During 2019 we shall begin to locate Breslin’s educational activity under the Transform Education banner. In the longer term, we plan to locate our public engagement activities under the Transform Politics banner, our community development and third sector focused work under the Transform Communities banner, and our corporate responsibility work under the Transform Organisations banner. Each will provide a specialist sub-brand for that area of our work and have its own web presence, but each will remain very clearly a part of the Breslin ‘family’.