Our Partners

At Breslin we believe that partnership provides the pathway to success. Everything we do is a product of partnership, collaboration and shared thinking. Where appropriate, we will draw on our excellent networks, especially in the spheres of education, participation and corporate responsibility, and across the third sector, to build inter-disciplinary teams to meet our clients’ needs. Many of our team members are freelance consultants or run their own businesses in particular areas of practice that range from community cohesion to Human Relations management. In addition, we work closely with particular organisational partners to ensure that we fulfil our potential and that of our clients. In this context, our launch partners include:

We will be pleased to put you in touch with any of these organisations. In the meantime, we are constantly developing our partner network and are interested in speaking to those individuals and organisations who might be interested in working with us.

Each month, and without charge, one of our organisaitonal partners is promoted as Partner of the Month, with front page profiling on our website. In the same spirit, and as a demonstration of our commitment to the third sector and to corporate responsibility, we profile a different charity or social enterprise every month of the year. Charities do not have to work with us to gain this front page exposure, they simply register for the opportunity to do so on our site; those profiled are chosen randomly from those registered at any point in time.

Lessons From Lockdown
For too long, changes to the education system have been driven by political considerations, short -term difficulties and even, at times, nostalgia. Lessons From Lockdown sets out why this piecemeal approach to reform needs stop and provides an invaluable contribution to the debate that now must take place.
Rosemary Bennet
Former Education Editor, The Times